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Civil litigation consists of demand letter, filing and serving a summons/complaint and obtaining a judgment. Once a judgment is obtained we can help locate employment or other assets such as bank account, real estate or vehicles. 


Standard collections consists of phone calls and letters to debtors that owe you money. We provide monthly reports and work on contingency basis. 

Legal Document Assistance

Our offices have several licensed and bonded LDAs that can help prepare your lawsuit. We have LDAs knowledgeable in civil litigation, landlord/tenant disputes, divorce/legal seperation, bankruptcy and real estate lawsuits. Our LDAs are not permitted to give legal advice. We have LDAs nationwide and will provide free consultation over the phone so call today!

Process Serving

If you just need some legal papers served we can assist with that as well. We have many licensed and bonded process servers all across the US that can serve and file the proof of service with the court. Our process servers will make a total of 10 attempts and first attempt is generally within 72 hours.

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